Product Awards and Reviews



Review at AVSIM by Todd Cox:

It has been six months since the last 5 Star review was published on Avsim. Taking the coverted 5 Stars this time is a utility that brings what are normally "behind the scenes" facilities to life. Avsim Staff Reviewer Todd Cox has taken an in depth look at Fs Flight Keeper published by Aerosoft. Todd goes onto say:

"From the Moving Map displays, weather functions, ACARS Device, online functions, and a host of other virtually unlimited options, the user is presented with a program that is valuable in many ways, including the ability to help the pilot become better. When I first used FSFK my flight scores were average. On continual use with the program my overall scores have gotten continually better. Using the moving map and events viewer to review my flight from start to finish alerted me of small mistakes I had been making. This is one program I definitely recommend to have in your flight simulator library."

Review at Virtual Flight by Marcelo Foscarini:

"When I received Flight Keeper for review and first saw, I knew it would be impossible to write everything about this product that doesn't affect frame rates at all. And the best thing is that I don't have to write about everything, as you can download a 30 days trial version with just a few limitations. Installing the DEMO version is the best way for you to do your own analysis and know its functions. The funny thing is that after you see it, you have no idea of what else can be improved, but they're working on an update that will add more stuff. In my opinion, Flight Keeper is today, with no doubt, one of the top utils for Flight Simulator, being the best one among this year releases. Because of that, Thomas Molitor invention takes our Delta Award."

Review at FSMagazine (translated):

"If simming is more then just a hobby you owe it to yourself to try this product. if you like it €25 buys you a whole lot of software and it would not surprise me if this one would end up to obligatory at the major VA's."