General (v3 requires a new license - v2 licenses will not work with this version!) 

FS Flight Keeper v3.5.2 [243mb] - 15.01.2020
To update from v3.0/v3.0.1/v3.1 download the full installer.

FS Flight Keeper v3.5.2 Update [50.7mb] - 15.01.2020
To update from v3.2+ download this patch.

FS Flight Keeper - Virtual Airline SDK v3.4 [857kb] - 12.06.2012

FS Flight Keeper - Air TV for WideFS Users [1.1mb] - 15.01.2020

FS Flight Keeper - Navigation Database Tool for WideFS Users [596kb] - 15.01.2020


Note that you'll need a trial product license in order to test FS Flight Keeper.
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