v3.0 Beta
(updated on 10.07.2008)



Below you will find some information of the upcoming v3.0 release. It will fix all known issues and adds several new features and enhances some existing features.

Kind regards

Thomas Molitor
Author of FS Flight Keeper


  Change Log for v3.0 (Beta 1)  


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X support
  • Microsoft Vista support (all Editions)
  • FSUIPC v3.x and v4.x support
  • Active Sky X Support
  • ACARS Device code completely rewritten (World Map, Terrain, Airport details (AFCADs), etc.)
  • Flight Backups (save and load/continue flights)
  • Turn off recording of events (e.g. autopilot, lights etc.) globally or for a specific aircraft
  • IVAO online traffic support
  • Terrain display
  • Airways display
  • Airspace display
  • Obstacle display
  • City display
  • Available fuel types at airports
  • Approach, ILS and vertical flight profile charts
  • FIR and active zone display for IVAO and VATSIM traffic
  • Email Reporting (light version of live ACARS)
  • Create new flights database
  • New black box events:

    • APU (FSX only!)
    • Exits (FS2004 only supports main exit)
    • No Smoking and Seat Belt signs (FSX only!)
    • Cowl Flaps
    • Min./Max. values for oil temperature, oil pressure, hydraulic pressure, cylinder head temperature (CHT) and manifold pressure are now logged
    • Flight Oil/Hydraulic usage
    • Reverse Thrust

  • New Flight critiques:

    • Exit open while engines are running
    • Flap damaged or blown out due to overspeed
    • Gear damaged due to overspeed
    • Exceeded maximum gross weight
    • Reverse thrust on under 60kts

  • New Sound Events:

    • Exit opened/closed

  • Audio device now configurable
  • Speed restriction under FL100 can be activated or deactivated with a new hotkey
  • Live watch now allows to center the aircraft on the map and not only aircraft following (which uses less system resources)
  • Set the active Waypoint via the context menu in the flight plan grid
  • New live ACARS service method that updates the filed flight plan or source/destination airports during flight
  • Live ACARS VA SDK now contains a PHP sample on how to display ACARS traffic on Google Map
  • Live ACARS watch now also displays the flight plan (when filed) of an active flight on the world map


  • Reorganized program and user folder structurs so that they follow the Windows Vista Logo guide lines
  • Updated WMO and Weather stations
  • Cabin/Seat Belt sign sound events automatically triggered under FSX
  • Runways are now displayed as single instances (e.g. "07L" and "25R" instead of "07L/25R")

Bug fixes

  • ALOFT format changes on the provider server